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Cinematographer at bellasposa bridal and photohraphy-i would be interested because it seems cool to shoot for a wedding. The requirements include artistic ability, computer skills, being able to pay attention to detail, being able yo work with public directly, have people skills, professional mannerism, and 2+years of experience. In order to get the job i would need computer skills and experience.

Cinematographer/shooter for AMDA- The qualifications incude a BA or BFA in related field, 2 years of experience, equipment, flexible attitude, reliable, must be able to lift 75 pounds and climb stairs and ladders. I think this job seems interesting because its mostly about short films and helping students in acting. I woud need expirience, and equipment.

This is Ms.Ahmed my math reasoning with connections teacher. She is my favorite teacher because shes always so positive and has a positive view on almost everything. At the beginning of the year math was my least favorite subject but somehow she managed to make me tolerate it and have a little more fun with math.

$10,000 dollar shopping spree

canon eos 6d mark || dslr camera with 24-195mm f/4l || lens , $2299- I chose this camera because it takes nice pictures and its good for taking portraits which i enjoy doing.

godox sk400|| studio strobe, $139 x 2- strobe lights to me are really cool and give pictures more personality, and its creative.

robus rc-5570 vantage series 3 carbon fiber tripod, $749.95- This tripod seemed like the best choice out of the other options even if it was more money, it has a variety of different legs and its adjustable.

sandisk 64gb extreme pro uhs-I sdxc memory card with card reader. $36.28×10- The reason i had put for so many was to have back up and to have a lot of storage.

angler boombox octagonal softbox with bowens mount (48”). $124 x 2- I wanted it because it provides light and flash for the strobes.

impact pro backdrop support kit (12.9′ width). $214.95- I like the idea of putting fun backdrops into pictures and this would allow me to hang them without problem

although the total doesnt come out to 10000, i feel as this is all i would need. The total comes out to be 4,152.7

My arguments are for abortion.I feel the way i do about this poster because sometimes a pregnancy wasn’t expected or it happened without someone wanting it to due to unfortunate circumstances. Although the other side does make some good points i just cant seem to make myself understand why they would want to make abortion illegal, its better to have a choice rather than no choice. I do believe my poster could offend and it is a tad harsh in one piece but i like it. I think what stands out about my poster is the crowd at the bottom, every time i look at it, i feel as i could hear the protest.

CANON LENS EXPERIENCE: The first article I had chosen was Music photography. Choosing the articles, I wanted to read I first looked at the first two paragraphs, and in this particular one if I’m being honest what really pulled me In was that he worked as Justin Bieber tour photographer for several years. Going on reading the article I seen his style of photos he takes which I found really nice, I like how he doesn’t necessarily have a style he just likes what he likes and no one can tell him otherwise. I also think its really cool how he didn’t really know what he wanted to do with life and how he didn’t really like how life was working out at that moment, he had found his calling and it just solved all of his problems. He was able to make an income and do something he generally enjoyed doing. Although his life’s repetitive, he makes the most out of it, he mixes things up a little on what cameras / equipment he likes using. In all I think this article really gave me kind of a more positive perspective in life, it really just gave me the motivation I needed at the moment. The second article I had chosen to write about was the photojournalist article, and before I had even clicked on the article I had decided to go ahead and kind of predict the type of article I assumed it to be or just try to predict what will go on in the article. My assumption was that they journal different big things that go on in the world, things that make a big impact or just will catch peoples eyes. I feel like that is a big impact on having your things read/ seen/ heard, it has to catch peoples eyes. Going further into the article I had realized it was more of a interview with a photojournalist. What I enjoy about this article is the photographers ability to go in depth with his questions even if some of them could be simply answered, and what I noticed was similar to the other article was the fact that both photographers didn’t know that photography was their calling, they both had realized I a little later in life. Which inspires me to do well and excel in the things I currently like, and to not look so far into the future because its possible to change career paths, nothing is truly set in stone.

My photomontage collage includes what i want for myself in the future. The car displayed in the image is a Nissan 350z, for the longest time this has been my dream car. Something about this car just makes me happy, its exterior and interior are very nice to look at. In the future i hope to have this car in black, since its my favorite color. The animated image to the left showcases that i want to have fun in my life and not have a dull life that i wouldn’t enjoy. The animated image to the right shows that i want to have lots of money. The last two objects in my collage are a picture of a nurse and a airplane, i want to have my dream job which is to be a nurse, and lastly i just want to travel and see the world.



  1. I need to improve keeping the camera stable, so my pictures dont come out blurry.
  2. I need to improve on controlling the aperature, because some of my pictures are too dark.
  3. I need to work on putting aside more time to edit so the pictures come out better.
  4. Procrasination on assignments needs to be immediently fixed so nothings rushed.
  5. The last thing i think i need to improve on would be my creativity on certain assignments.

JPEG VS RAW FILE: A JPEG file is a file of your image, and a Raw file is a file that has your image that was recorded by your camera. A Jpeg doesnt have everything that a Raw file does, its information is less than what your camera had recorded. A Raw has all the information, and showcases the image a little better.

The raw file has every little detail saved and it does your photographs more justice than a Jpeg would. The better use would be a raw file but a jpeg image also isnt that bad, it really depends on how you want to use it.


What i learned about exposure (+ camera modes)?

First thing i learned was aperture, what the aperture does is it determines the amount of light let in to the lens hole. If the lens closes, less light is entering into the image. If the lens opens, more light is let into the image which makes it brighter. Second thing i learned was shutter speed, what shutter speed does is change the speed of how fast or how slow the shutter closes. Next i learned about the ISO, which helps with the cameras sensitivity to light, the positives are better for brighter locations, so the negatives are better for darker locations.

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